Welcome to Down Cathedral

Welcome to Down Cathedral, close to which we believe the mortal remains of Patrick, our Patron Saint, lie buried.

The Cathedral stands prominently and majestically as a memorial to our historic past. It is good that it should and that it is preserved as such.

But it stands for much more. An historic building such as this lifts us out of the realms of things and circumstances which change into the realm of things which are eternal and do not change; out of the world of passing fancy and fashion into the world of lasting value and intrinsic worth. It gives us a sense of perspective both in space and time.

As we enter, we are lifted out of the strain of our preoccupation with material concern, the intrigue and expediency of political wrangling and the vain search for instant pleasure. We are taken back to our roots, to faith in God through Christ, who alone can put life in perspective and give it true meaning and lasting satisfaction.

As such, it is first and foremost a place for meditation and worship, not only for the local congregation and the clergy and people of the Church of Ireland Diocese of Down, but for all Ireland and beyond who cherish the faith of Patrick.

It is our prayer that, as you pause and reflect within its hallowed walls, you may find peace and a sense of eternity and time.